Award Categories

Manufacturing Enterprise Award
  • Recognizes the performance of businesses manufacturing products. Contributes to the economic development of the region, job creation, local or regional suppliers, annual growth, development of programs for employees, association member and/or partnership creation.

Retail Award

  • This award is given to recognize the importance of retail businesses in our economy. It is granted to a business that has distinguished itself in retail, product quality, product variety, after-sales service, customer service, good management and business growth. Identification of needs, innovative products, job creation, annual growth, be member of an association, partnership creation are also part of the recognition.

Service Enterprise Award

  • This award is given to recognize the importance of service businesses in our economy. It is recognition of businesses that lead the market by the quality of their services, after-sales service, customer service, good management and business growth opportunities.

Franchise Award

  • Recognizes companies that operate under a single name regardless of the number of franchises and follow
    a business code of ethics.


  1. Obligation of signing a franchisee convention.

  2. Donations to charities or community organizations. (matching 50-50)

  3.  Actively encourages employees to become personally involved in community programs freeing time for volunteering.

  4. Services and products free or at low cost.

  5. Eco-friendly: takes into consideration the potential negative impact of its activities and its strategic choices on society, the environment and the territory, and taking steps to limit it.

Without being exhaustive, this list presents the central themes that structure eco-responsible must confront:

  • Method of production thought to minimize its social and environmental costs.

  • Supplies method should encourage raw materials or semi-finished biologic products, fair trade, eco-designed and local.

  • Roots and local proximity in the choice of its stakeholders.

  • Optimization of travel and waste management…

  • Sustainable Human resources policy: forms of contracting, amplitude of the pay scale, non-discrimination, training, stress management at work…

  • Transparent and collaborative governance whatever the legal status.

  • Equitable distribution of income between labor and capital.

  1. Fundraising for popular causes.

  2. Involvement on community organizations board of directors.

  3. Creation of education and awareness programs.

Tourism Enterprise Award

  • This award is given to recognize achievement of any business in the accommodation, restaurant, agri-tourism and / or tourist attraction sectors. Also, takes part in the tourism development either by offering regional products and/or developing activities or events, while offering excellent customer service.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  • This award is given to recognize entrepreneurship through perseverance, excellence in work, commitment, creativity and visionary. Must be owner, partner or shareholder who holds at least 51% or more of a business. All businesses are eligible regardless of the sector of activity.

New Business Award

  • This award is given to recognize the entrepreneurship of those who recently started a new business in any sector. This award is granted to a business that has at least one full year of operation but less than three years as of December31th 2018.

Young Entrepreneur Award

  • This award is given to recognize the young entrepreneur less than 34 years of age as of the December31th, 2018 who owns at least 51% of a business. All businesses are eligible regardless of the sector of activity.


Community Participation Award

  • This will be given to acknowledge and encourage owners and/or employees who implicate themselves in their community. Voluntarily involved in organizations, community or associations. Also takes part in event organization; helping people in need; is a member of an association that participates in community activities; is a member of a board of directors; is a financial partner.

Independent Worker Award

  • This award will be given to the owner of a full time home-based business with no employees. All businesses are eligible, regardless of the sector of activity.

Agri-food Enterprise Award

  • Recognizes businesses that works in the production of (fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, etc), the breeding/reproduction/transformation of (meat, fibre, dairy products, etc), the harvest of agricultural products and food.

Jury Award

  • This award is given at the jury’s complete discretion from all of the different nominations and categories submitted.

Excellence Award

  • This Award recognizes a business with outstanding dynamism. Increase in sales and investments, innovative spirit, new market acquisitions, job creation and the general impact on community development are all aspects that we find in this business. The winner of this category will be chosen among the recipients of the previous categories

Emeritus Award

  • The Emeritus Award spotlights the scope of a person’s entire career with emphasis on their impassioned contribution at the heart of their enterprise in Russell County. This Award is determined by the organizing committee.

Inclusive Business Award

  • This Award recognizes an Inclusive Business as a privately owned company, which deliberately hire at least one person who would otherwise be at a very high risk of chronic unemployment and exclusion. The inclusive business offers employment opportunities to a marginalized person and strives to provide special support to its employee in order to meet his or her needs.

Daniel Gigault Award

  • Recognizes a young entrepreneur between the age of 18-34 whose business and personal achievements have contributed to the welfare of Prescott and Russell residents as well as the community economic development of his community.

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Be a resident of Prescott-Russell and have operated a permanent business in Prescott-Russell for at least two (2) years.

  • Have completed at least two (2) fiscal years;

  • Be the owner, partner or majority shareholder (51% or more);

  • Have shown perseverance in work and to the commitment to his/her business;

  • Have demonstrated continued growth since the opening of his/her business.

  • Be actively involved in his/her community.